Photo Dump – 4th of July Edition

I know 4th of July was so long ago now, but my life has been so hectic recently I haven’t had time to post. So bear with me!

My days have been filled with lots of time on the beach, hanging with family and laughing with friends. I’m a pretty lucky gal!!

This is what happens when I make popcorn and get to dish out the bowls – mine is on the right 🙂 What can I say, popcorn is one of my favorite snacks and I don’t like to share!!


Taco Tuesday! I think these look profesh!


Jan (my mom) is just the best ever. She always knows the right things to buy me!!


What a great day for the beach!


Tube time in the lagoon!


I took a quick break from the sun to watch the Italy vs. Germany soccer game. I should have just stayed outside though because I was not happy with the outcome!


Evening trip up to the beach!

Got a quick game of football in – I was Eli obvi!


I thought we were in the caribbean!


The sunsets over the 4th weekend were so phenomenal. I love moments like this when the world seems so serene and perfect and undisturbed. We need many more moments like this in our lives.



Jan again for the win!! Remember how last time she bought me a key lime pie and I forgot it at home?! Well that was not happening this time! I wrote myself a million notes and stuck them all around the house!

What a beautiful looking pie 🙂


My mom, my sister and I all have birthdays in the same week – Mom July 5, Beck July 6 and me July 11th. For Beck’s bday her and my mom came into the city and we went to dinner and a show! We saw Fully Committed with Jesse Tyler Ferguson – he is so talented. He was the only one in the show and he played about 20 different roles! I really enjoyed the show.

Then we got to meet him afterwards! He is just the best. So nice and sweet!!



It was a super fun night 🙂

More to come late on my awesome birthday weekend!!


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