Beach days and Snapple Facts

Sunday nights make me depressed. Even though I had a long weekend it went by way too fast and I can’t believe I have to get up for work again tomorrow.

Last week was a pretty busy week for me. One of my high school friends, Jen, was in town (she currently lives in London!!!) so my friend Rachael and I went over for some dinner and wine and gossip!


FYI this wine was so, so good. And it wasn’t too sweet like some Rieslings can be.


And look at this awesome clock – I need one in my future home. It’s the coolest! And since I can’t tell time very well on a normal clock, this is perfect for me 🙂


It was great to catch up with the gals. We’ve been friends for over half our lives now. That just warms my lil ole heart 🙂

Wednesday night we went out to dinner with two of our friends who just got engaged!!! Yay we’re so excited for them and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate this super special moment with them!

Then Thursday night we headed down to Cape May, NJ for a nice long weekend with Kevin’s family. Yessss, love long weekends!

But I love it even more when Kevin does the driving!


I was bummed I didn’t have a chance to get yoga in during the week, so I did some research before we left and discovered a cute yoga studio in Cape May that does yoga on the beach! So Friday morning I woke up and took class!


I love my yoga mat even more when there is sand on it! The setting was beautiful, it was a lovely morning and it was so refreshing to start my morning with an awesome class on the beach!

Then I basically vegged on the beach all day. Not hating this view.


Friday night was a beauty!



Saturday morning I woke up and went for a 5 mile run. I felt so great and if I weren’t in such a rush to get to the beach and do nothing, I probably would have run another 5. I was jamming out to the summer oldies radio on Pandora (pretty fantastic – check it out), there was a nice small breeze going and the view was above par.

But I had important things to do. Like discover new Snapple facts!


Definitely the best fact I’ve ever got. Also, what are people doing out there that this has to be a law?!

Another beauty!


(I’m talking bout the sunset, not me. But thanks guys 😉 )

Woke up this morning and got on the road early to beat the traffic. I’m always such a sour-puss when I have to leave the beach. I just really feel that I should never have to leave. It’s down right rude making me!

But alas, we did. When we got back home we headed over to the street fair that was going on!


Those are some funky pants girl! There were so many zeppoles and fried Oreos and sausage and peppers and gyros! We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. So we got some empanadas. And they were delish.

For dinner we decided to make homemade pizza – vodka sauce pizza using the leftover vodka sauce we made last weekend. The pizza turned out so well – and I ate it too fast and couldn’t snap a picture. Oops.

And now I’m just hanging out watching The Tony’s and eating my ice cream cone! I guess this makes Monday seem not as bad…


It was a super great weekend – fabulous weather, wonderful company and we even snuck in a few episodes of Bloodline!

Have a good week everyone!


2 responses to “Beach days and Snapple Facts”

  1. bubblyrunner says :

    Two things: LOVE Cape May and I love your nail polish in that ice cream cone pic! What is it?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lauren says :

      Yay Cape May is so great!!! And thanks! It’s a gel – its OPI Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya. They had some pretty fun new colors out right now!


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