Rainy days and Netflix marathons

Thankfully we had one good day this weekend! And it sure was a beauty! I’m so glad summer is finally here, I couldn’t take one more day of sub 70 weather. Today we asked Siri what the temp was outside, and she said, “it’s only 72, I don’t consider that particularly warm.” My kind of gal.

Last week to celebrate global running day, my friend and I ran a 5k for work. Last year we vowed never to do it again because it’s the most crowded race and they do not break it up by pace. Everyone just gets to line up. So you’ll be running and all of a sudden the person in front of you stops and you either crash into them or kill your knees coming to an abrupt stop. But then the email came out this year and she said to me, are we going to do this? And I said, oh I suppose. And there we found ourselves once again.

This year was slightly better, so maybe next year will be fantastic. Even though it was fairly hot, it was a beautiful night to run through Central Park!


I also decided I want to start running more 5ks. They’re pretty fun, and a heck of a lot less tiring than a marathon!

Arianna Huffington wrote a new book that is seriously right up my alley.


I’m hoping I pick up some good tips here because I’m struggs central in this department and it’s starting to officially drive me nuts. I also bought a new pillow which I’m hoping will help with both my sleep and neck/back issues.

Speaking of, I had an MRI done on my spine to figure out what the heck is going on with me. A nerve test done on my neck showed some irritation in the nerves in my neck. The MRI showed I have two bulging discs in my neck. Which explains all the tingly and numbness feelings I’ve been having in my arm & leg. Nothing showed in my back, but I’m having the nerve test done on my lower back tomorrow to see if any thing is up down there. I’m really glad I found this doctor because the previous two hardly checked me out and just told me I had a herniated disc in my back and they just wanted to give me a shot. And from the beginning I really felt it could have been my neck and not my back because I was experiencing the tingly feeling in my arm as well.

Tomorrow the the doc and I will discuss what’s causing the soreness in my back. If it’s just the nerves telling my back to hurt, or it’s muscular, or my sciatica inflamed. So more on that later.

Saturday we woke up early and went down to the beach to visit our friend Alexis. It was such a nice day!!


I could spend all the days of my life at the beach. I’d be the happiest gal in the world if I could do that!

I was pretty tuckered out after being in the sun all day so we just hung out on Saturday night.

Sunday morning I went down to the gym and ran 5 miles and did some strength work. It was super hot in the gym and I was one sweaty mess! But it felt good to be running and I’m loving my new strength routine. I’m really making an effort to work on my strength training and to keep it going during this upcoming training cycle.

So we finally started watching Bloodline. I’ve been trying to get us to start for weeks now but Kevin kept saying no. I stole the remote last night and put it on, much to his dismay. He questioned me on what I knew about the show and who told me about it and he made it known he wasn’t going to like it. 15 minutes later he goes “FYI, I’m intrigued by this show.” And nowww we’ve watched 6 episodes already!

We paused long enough to make some spicy vodka rigatoni! And it was really delicious. I’ve been craving it ever since I had it at this amazing restaurant in NYC (Carbone). So we tried to recreate it. Making vodka sauce is really easy and it came out pretty darn good.

IMG_0011 (1)

It rained pretty hard by us today, so comfort food and Netflix was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great week!!


2 responses to “Rainy days and Netflix marathons”

  1. bubblyrunner says :

    Bloodline is my JAM! Did you just start the first season? I watched the first episode of the second season last night. It’s such a phenomenal show. Sorry to hear about the MRI stuff, I hope you feel better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lauren says :

      Yes just started first season. It is so good!! It reminds me of The Affair a little bit. I love Kyle Chandler aka John Rayburn so much! Makes me want to do a Friday Night Lights marathon! It’s ok I’m glad I’m finding out answers. I’m still running which makes me happy, just taking it a little easier to rest up before I start training for Chicago. I hope you feel better too!!


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